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10 Types of Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business

types of digital marketing

You might have heard the term ‘Digital Marketing’. Digital Marketing also is known as Internet Marketing is a method of promoting a product or brand through digital technology. There are different types of digital marketing through which you can promote your product or service. Digital marketing saves both your time and money. It is also very much effective to grow your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before starting the discussion on various types of digital marketing let’s see what is digital marketing. Marketing is the process of promoting and selling any product or service. This also includes market research and advertising. When you do all the activities by using digital technology it is called Digital Marketing. Nowadays Laptops, Smartphones and Tabs are more popular than Newspaper, Radio and TV. If you have a smartphone with an internet connection, the whole world is within your grip. Internet and latest device are the main strength of digital marketing. Because through the internet the digital marketers can easily reach to their potential clients of any part of the world.

10 Types of Digital Marketing You Can Start Now

There are several types of digital marketing methods. Now I shall discuss 10 mostly used digital marketing methods that you can start and grow your business rapidly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most popular term of Digital Marketing. SEO is optimizing your website (on page and off page) and submitting it to different search engines. It is a way to inform the search engine about the content of your site. The position of your site on the search result largely depends on proper SEO. People, when searches anything on the search engine, put some words on the search engine to find it. Search engine shows the search result according to the keywords and other ranking factors. If your site is not optimized properly or do some common mistakes in SEO your site will not appear on the search result and you will lose your traffic.

In this competitive market, SEO has a profound impact on product or service marketing. People searches product on the search engine to buy it. So if you can do proper optimization the search engine will show your product or site on the top of the search engine. This will increase your sale. Keyword research is the core value of SEO. The success of SEO depends on proper Keyword research. If you can do proper Keyword research and SEO, your site will be shown on the top of the organic search result.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is a paid method of digital marketing. There are two ways to show your web page on the search result. One is Search Engine Optimization and the other option is paid marketing. You have to pay a certain amount of money to show your site on the top of the search result against some keywords. There are three types of SEM- Pay Per Click, Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression. You can choose any method which is suitable for your business. You can do SEM for different search engine platforms like Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Network.

Content Marketing

Among the different types of digital marketing creating content is the easiest and popular way to promote your business. It is one of the most demandable and important parts of digital marketing. If you use your targeted keywords in any content or forum discussion with a hyperlink directed to your site, your readers can find your site easily. Content marketing also helps to rank your site rapidly. For content marketing, you should update your multimedia content regularly. Customize your content according to different types of device. For example, content for a mobile phone should be easy and precise. Be tricky to write your content and it would make your readers curious to know more from your business. Do not copy other’s content and make the contents unique and resourceful. Sharing a good content is a good way to branding your business.

Social Media Marketing

While talking about types of digital marketing, there are no other media better than Social Media to promote your business. For Social Media Marketing you can create a community or group in social media like Facebook. Keep the group active by regular post, group discussion and by solving the problems of other group members. Encourage the members of the group to post their success, problems and motivational stories in the group. You can also create a page related to your product or service. While sending email to your clients use the link of your social media as a signature of the email. Add social media share button in your blog post so that anyone can share it on social media. You can use social media management tools to share your contents. It will save your time and you can get a better result from it. Try to post regularly. It is better to have a schedule of posting contents. Posting quality contents regularly keep your readers bound to your blog and they will return to you for new information.


Re-Marketing is a new and clever concept of digital marketing. This is a marketing strategy for the customers who have shown interest in your product or service. Re-marketing is more specific and target oriented. Because you know the clients who have a demand for your products. If any visitor browses your page or clicks on any advertisement of your product, the browser keeps cookies of them. When the visitors visit any other sites on the net, the mechanism automatically shows your ads on that site. Re-marketing can be used in social media and mobile advertising also.

Mobile Marketing

SMS Marketing, MMS Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing and Infrared Marketing are some common Mobile Marketing methods. Among them, SMS marketing is very much popular. You can send short SMS about your product and discount offer to your clients. Draft your SMS very carefully so that it serves your purpose effectively. The message should be to-the-point and should not contain more than 160 words.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is very much important to grow your business. Many marketers are following this strategy. Unique content with relevant attractive image helps you to make the content viral. If can make a content viral, you don’t need to work hard to promote the post. Rather it is your readers who will promote it by sharing to different social media. Social media like Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest have analytic tools. With these tools, you can easily track the content you share on these social media. So you can easily follow the performance of your content.

E-mail Marketing

When you promote your product through E-mail, it is called E-mail Marketing. What your clients like or dislike, their buying behavior, and their location is very important to your business. By using the software you can easily find out them. E-mail marketing is a standard form of digital marketing through which you can send information of your product or service to your customers. You can also promote your website and different types of offers, discount offers through E-mails.

To start an E-mail marketing venture, first conduct a survey of your clients. Collect data about their age, sex, location, profession, economic condition, buying behavior etc. Then collect their email address. Observe how your competitors send emails and what information they provide. Find the gap and then write your message in easy language. Provide as much information as you can. Create a lucrative E-mail template and send it to your target people.

Affiliate Marketing

In plain language when you sell any product or service of an organization or agency and receive commission against a sell it is affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing through your website, YouTube channel, E-mail and many other ways. Affiliate marketing without any site is popular to the beginners who do not want to spend money to build a website. But it is better to start affiliate marketing with your own web page. You need to do keyword research and proper SEO to become successful in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can’t make you rich over the night. It takes time. So you must have patience and wait for some days to get a good result.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is another popular method of digital marketing. When any product or service is promoted through video it is called video marketing. YouTube is the best medium of video marketing. Through video marketing, you can sell your own product or do affiliate marketing. You can make a video of any product and put a link at the description through which one can buy the product. If your video becomes popular your chance of earning also increases.

So these are some popular types of Digital Marketing methods you can start for your business. It is very important to select the marketing method that suite your business best. Also, you can select multiple methods. But you must analyze the effect of your marketing methods. Digital marketing is a dynamic marketing method. So keep updated yourself with the latest technology and trends.

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