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11 High Paying Affiliate Programs For Making Money

high paying affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing methods to make money online. No doubt that thousands of marketers are earning money with affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay and Commission Junction. But there are some other programs that pay the high sales commission to their promoters. As a marketer and a website owner you also have an opportunity to boost your online income with these high paying affiliate programs.

11 High Paying Affiliate Programs to Grow Your Money

I have divided the content into two different categories. In the 1st category, there are affiliate programs that pay the high amount of fixed commission against per sale. The 2nd category is for the affiliate programs that pay the high percentage of sale commission. You may find many other affiliate programs that pay even higher than that of my enlisted sites. But based on credibility and popularity the following sites offer the best high paying affiliate programs in the industry.

Affiliate Programs According to Fixed Commission


HostGator is one of the most popular Domain and Hosting service providers. You can earn by showing banner ads and clickable affiliate links on your website. It is possible to earn from $50 to $125 for every affiliate sale. HostGator pays through Paypal and check.


DreamHost is another domain and hosting seller site that offers high paying affiliate program. Affiliate program of DreamHost pays up to $120 for each sale.


WIX is a free website builder site. They allow you to create an awesome website absolutely free. But if you want more facilities you have to upgrade to premium plans. Affiliate with WIX pays you $100 for every referral sale.


Domain and hosting site BlueHost pays $65 for each affiliate sale. You can place either banner or referral links on your site to generate a sale.


99Designs is a very popular marketplace for graphic and web designers. They also have an affiliate program through which you can earn up to $55 for referring each customer.

Affiliate Programs According to Percentage


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms. Affiliate with Shopify pays as high as 200% of referral sales. You can use the referral links in your website, social media and video tutorials also.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes sales WordPress themes for building a website. You can earn 50% commission for each Elegant Themes referral sale.


Online and teaching marketplace Udmey offers more than 55000 courses for their students. Referral program of Udmey can pay you 40% to 50% of every sale.


Most popular marketing toolkit SEMrush pays 40% recurring commission for referring a new user. Another amazing factor is SEMrush preserves cookies for 10 years. They pay twice a month through PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Studio Press

Studio Press sales themes for various websites. Commission for Studio Press affiliate program is 35%. For referring 6 to10 sales per month you can earn $100 for each sale. For selling 11 sites in a month you can get $150 against every sell. Cookies length is 60 days for Studio Press.


You can create and sell your online courses through Teachable. Affiliate with Teachable will pay you 30% commission. They preserve cookies for 90 days.

You can monetize your blog with any of these affiliate programs. But before starting, you should go through the terms and conditions of each program. Check out their payment methods and the applicable fees. If you are agreed with their terms and conditions, you can join them.

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