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5 Micro Job Sites List for Earning Pocket Money

micro job sites list

If you search micro job sites list in Google, you will find huge lists that are offering micro jobs. You may be confused about where to join and make some pocket money. Actually, all the sites are not reliable. There is no guaranty that you will be paid for spending your valuable time and skills on these sites. But among the hundreds, there are some micro job sites that really pay you. In the following content, I shall describe five sites that have earned fame and credibility for their service.

What are Micro Jobs?

Before entering the micro job site list, let’s know what micro jobs are?
Micro jobs are small or micro-tasks that need very few times and skills to perform. A micro-task may take only a few minutes to do. Most of them do not need any special skills to complete. For instance, signing up, giving an answer, voting, liking and hundreds other jobs like these. All these tasks are very simple and the amount they pay is very tiny also. For example, you may get $0.10 (Ten cents) only for a single voting job.

You may be reluctant to do a job only for 10 Cents. But remember that it takes micro time also. The positive aspect of micro jobs is that there are huge tasks to do and you can make a pretty well amount of money within a few hours. You don’t need to bid to get any job. You just sign up, follow the instruction and make money. There are some micro job sites that give you the opportunity to sell your skills or offer any service for a small amount of money. If you are serious in your micro job, you can withdraw a few dollars as your passive income.

So start your online micro job now!

5 Micro Job Sites List for Earning Some Extra Money

I have said before that all the micro job sites are not reliable. Many sites are there that do not pay at all. You can do some job, invest your time but the result is zero. You get nothing from there. But I shall give you 5 micro job sites list that really works. Go through the post first, visit the sites, see how they work & pay and what their terms and conditions are. If you find any site fit for you then start working to earn from micro job sites.

Let’s see what the top 5 micro job sites list are?

01) Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a micro job site of Amazon web services. This site is also known as Mturk. Here the job providers are called Mechanical Turk Requester. Mechanical Turk Requester posts jobs that are called HIT (Human Intelligence Tasks). HITs are tasks like simple questions, selecting the best from the pictures, translating contents and so on. The workers of Mturk are known as Turkers. The Turkers complete the tasks, submit proofs and get paid.

Mturk pays through Amazon gift card or Amazon payment account and direct deposit.
No minimum withdrawal limits.

02) Microworkers

Microworkers, a service of Weblabcenter, Inc, is a very popular micro job site. More than 950,000 workers all over the world are involved with this site. There are huge tasks like data mining, data tagging, data matching, data categories, transcription, content comparison and evaluation, research, survey and much more.

Microworkers’ payment options are Paypal, Skrill and Bank transfer (via Payoneer Account or Transpay). Payment withdrawal via Dwolla is available for US workers.

Minimum withdrawal is $9 and applicable fees.

03) RapidWorkers

RapidWorkers is a concern of UnikScripts, Inc. If you visit the site, you will find that RapdWorkers is very much similar to Microworkers. You can find huge task like sign up forms, follow me, upload tasks, downloads tasks, creating email account etc.

RapidWorkers’ payment options are Paypal and Skrill.
Minimum withdrawal is $8 and applicable fees.

04) ClickWorker

With its more than 8000,000 workforces, ClickWorker is another micro-job site to earn money. Here you can find a lot of works that do not need any special qualification. Jobs like product categorizing, Image and video tagging, video analysis, electronic image marking surveys, data management are available here.

ClickWorker’s payment options are PayPal and Bank transfer.
Minimum withdrawal is 5 Euro for PayPal withdrawal and 10 Euro for Bank transfer.

05) JobBoy

You can find simple tasks like simple text download, youtube view and like, apps download, sign up etc in JobBoy. JobBoy have more than 155,000 active workers all over the world.

CJobBoy’s payment options are PayPal and Payza.
Minimum withdrawal is $10.

These are 5 reliable micro job sites list where you can join and earn some extra money. Some of these sites give you opportunities to earn a fair amount of money. But you should have both patience and passion for earning more.

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