What are the Benefits of Personal Blogging

benefits of personal blogging

The bloggers write blogs because they love blogging. Without love or passion, no work can be completed successfully and blogging is not an exception. Personal blogs are written on different topics. You can write about Everyday Life, Hobby, Fashion & Style, Games & Sports, Entertainment, Food and what not? When talking about benefits of personal blogging, there are broadly two types of benefits – One is the nonfinancial benefit and the other is the financial benefit. At the early stage of blogging the bloggers did not write for any financial benefit. But with the passage of time making money with blogging has become one of the major issues of blogging. In today’s world, people write blogs, share their thoughts and earn money with their blogs.

Nonfinancial Benefits of Personal Blogging

At first, I shall talk about the nonfinancial benefits of personal blogging. Nonfinancial benefits of blogging are some benefits of blogging that you can’t measure in terms of money. But the value of nonfinancial benefits of a personal blog is more than that of financial benefit.

Benefits of Sharing Thoughts

We like to share our thoughts with others. The blog is one of the best platforms to share our thoughts. You can write on whatever you like. Through blogging, you can express your opinion, your perception and your realization to the people of society.

Blogging Helps to Grow Your Knowledge

Blogging helps to grow your knowledge. In order to write a blog, you have to read a lot for gathering more information about the content. The habit of reading ultimately enriches your knowledge. Readers of your blog can leave feedback through their thoughtful comments on your post. That makes you understand what the other people think about your blog and what they want more from you. Read every comment left by your readers very carefully and give a reply. You may write a new post based on the reader’s feedback. Thus your knowledge grows day by day.

Blog is a Portfolio of Your Skills and Expertise

Personal blogging is a platform to show your skills and expertise. Every people have some talent and skills that make him different from others. You can start a blog and write content on any subject in which you are an expert. After some days the blog will become a showcase of your expertise. You can also use your blog as your personal portfolio to attract the employers.

Blog Helps to Build a Network

The personal blog helps to build and grow a network of the bloggers of the same interest. You can share your experience with the fellow bloggers by commenting on their blog. Tell them that you are also interested in same topics and you have a blog on it. Thus a friendly network is built up that helps to grow and expand together.

Blog is a Media of Self Branding

A personal blog is a good platform of self-branding. Personal branding or self-branding helps to introduce you to others. You can express who and what you are. Write your blog and share it on different social media. Let the people know about your hidden talent and thus establish your personal brand.

Blogging Enriches Writing & Communication Skills

Personal blogging helps to grow your writing and communication skills. In this world of globalization, people express their thoughts on social media like facebook, twitter and several others. But social media is not the proper platform to write your elaborated thoughts. Rather you can express your mind through your blog effectively. Writing and communication skills are also necessary for your professional life. Blogging helps you to know how to send a message clearly to others.

Financial Benefits of Personal Blogging

Besides the nonfinancial benefits, the bloggers can be benefited financially from their Personal Blog. There are several ways of earning money from a personal blog. Here are some most common ways to get financial benefits of personal blogging.

To earn money with your blog you have to build your own readers group. Then you can start affiliate marketing on your relevant niche. You can write the product review or service review and refer the readers to affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is a popular way of generating money from personal blogging. You can earn also by placing ads on your blog from advertising network like Adsense. Other than third party advertising networks, you can sell ad places directly to any organization and earn some money.

Personal blogging is an area of one’s passion and hobby. If you are honest in blogging you can enjoy it and be benefited from your blog.

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