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10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Ranking Your Site

seo mistakes to avoid

The success of online content marketing mostly depends on proper optimization of the site. The search engine gives value to the sites that have been optimized properly by following each and every SEO issues carefully. Rules of search engine optimization are being updated and upgraded continuously. The SEO experts are also applying their new tools and techniques to rank their website on the top of the search result. But there are some common SEO mistakes to avoid for ranking a site that many SEO professionals do not care. As a result, their websites fail to rich their goal.

Now the world is highly competitive. Even an expert SEO professional has to try harder to keep his site in the top position. It is obvious that some wrong SEO strategy will bring negative impact on his site. Now we shall discuss common SEO mistakes to avoid for keeping your website ahead.

10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid: Problems and Solutions

1) Selecting Wrong Keywords

This is the most common missteps taken by the SEO professionals. Many a time they write articles without doing any keyword research. They just select a topic and start writing on it. So some good quality contents also fail to secure their positions on the search result. When you are going to write articles for your site you should do the keyword research properly. Find out carefully which keywords are being used to search your topic. Do the proper analysis and select the best one for your content. Proper keywords increase the possibility of ranking your site high on search engine.

2) Keyword Stuffing

Many webmasters think that it is better to use the keywords in every sentence. So they use the keywords here and there unnecessarily. But when the search engine finds so many keywords in a single article it marks the content as a spam. Moreover, excessive use of keywords makes the content low in quality. The search engine does not like this type of writings at all. You should be more conscious about using the keywords. To get the best result keep the keyword density between 0.5% to 1%.

3) Using Irrelevant Keywords

Use of the irrelevant keyword is one of the common SEO mistakes to avoid. Many times the writers use irrelevant keywords. That is why the post cannot rank in the search engine. For instance, if you use the keyword ‘drone’ while writing a topic on ‘travelling by air’ would absolutely a wrong choice. Neither the search engine nor the readers of your site would like the post. Choose the keywords that match best with your content.

4) Using Copy paste Content

You must not copy the contents of any other blogs or websites. Rather select your niche on which you are expert enough. Write original and unique articles for your readers. You should keep in mind that search engine is smart enough to detect the copy paste contents. If you write original articles the search engine will give value to your writings and your site will get enough visitors by the organic way. Original contents help to grow the popularity of your blog.

5) Using Improper Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tag and meta description are very important to the search engine. Because when you search anything on the search engine, it targets the title of a post first. If the search engine gets the keyword in the title of the post it shows the topic in the search result. If the keyword is not found in the title the search engine tries to find the keyword in the meta description of the post. So use your keyword both in the title and in the meta description to get the best result.

6) Lacking Backlinks

Lacking backlink is one of the major SEO mistakes to avoid. Backlinks significantly help to rank your site on search engine. But some bloggers do not care about this. If you can link your site with some sites of higher rank, the link will carry link juice to your blog. Find out some good blogs on your niche and try to get backlinks from them.

7) Lacking Internal Links

Lacking Internal Links is another common mistake that the SEO masters do often. If you don’t create internal links in your content, you are just missing some opportunities that you can get easily. When you are going to write any new article, find out the other posts on your site that are on the same or similar topic. Now link the posts each other with anchor text. Internal links help the search engine to crawl the new post so the search engine can index it quickly. Internal links do not help to generate your traffic but they keep bound your visitors for a long time. The readers when clicking on the links the volume of page view of your site increases instantly.

8) Creating Non Responsive Websites

Instead of using the computer large number of people is doing his works on mobile phones. Because mobile phones are easy to carry and easy to use also. So your website needs necessarily to be responsive and mobile friendly so that it can perform well in any kind of device like mobile, tab etc. If not, a large number of visitors will be out of your reach.

9) Lacking Social Media Links

In today’s world it is very hard to find any people but use social media like facebook, twitter, google plus and many others. If you avoid social media link in your site it will be a great mistake. Social media are a very big source of traffic. Putting social share button on your posts allow the readers to share the content on the social media. You should have fan pages on different social media. You can also create social media groups on your niche. Sharing your posts on the social media increases your traffic rapidly.

10) Not Doing Traffic Analysis

If you don’t know how many visitors are coming to your site and what keywords are they using to search your site, then you are doing another mistake. You must do traffic analysis of your site. Traffic analysis does not help to increase your visitors directly. But through traffic analysis, you can get a clear idea about your traffic source, keywords the visitor search, keyword that is ranking your site and many other factors. So you can understand what to write on your blog and which keyword to use next. Google Analytics is a very popular traffic analysis tool that is used widely. It is a free tool by Google. You can easily add your site to Google Analytics and have a clear analysis of the site.

So these are 10 most common SEO mistakes to avoid by the webmasters. If you take necessary action against these issues and lead your site properly, you will able to secure your position on the search engine.

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