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Concept of CPA Marketing for Beginners

cpa marketing for beginners

CPA Marketing is the craze of today’s young marketers. Its popularity is growing rapidly. The cause of this popularity is that CPA Marketing is easy to start. The newbies can earn within a short period of times. So CPA Marketing has become a reliable source of income to them. Besides its popularity, there are also some criticisms against it. A few dishonest persons are making a negative impression on CPA Marketing with their activities. Moreover, there are some critics who are describing CPA Marketing in wrong ways. All the activities are making a conflict in the mind of new marketers. In order to know whether CPA Marketing is real or fake, you have to know what CPA Marketing is. This post is a basic guide to CPA Marketing for beginners.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA refers Cost Per Action. While doing online marketing there are some things that you can’t categorize as product or service. For example, you may promote any downloadable link, signup form, survey or ask people to share something on their social media. These are called ‘Action’. The marketers get paid for promoting these types of actions and what they do is called CPA Marketing.

Is CPA Marketing Freelancing or Online Marketing?

People with a little idea about online income sometimes can’t make a difference between freelancing and online marketing. They think that all the methods of earning online are called freelancing. But freelancing and online marketing are totally two different things.

When you agree to do any work for any people or organization for a certain amount of money it is called freelancing. It may be Graphic design, Web design, Programming or any technical or administrative work. You are not a permanent employee of that person or organization. Your contract with that particular person or organization may be for a few hours or it may be for a couple of years. You just do the work and get paid.

On the other hand, when you are selling or promoting any product or service online that is called online marketing. You can do online marketing for your own products. On the other hand, you can do online marketing for your client also. If you do online marketing for your client it would be Freelancing. That means you are doing online marketing as a freelancer.

CPA Marketing is one kind of online marketing. It is very close to affiliate marketing. But unlike Affiliate marketing, you don’t need to sell any product. You are paid for directing the clients to complete some actions.

Why CPA Marketing for Beginners?

As a marketing professional, you have lots of options to choose. You may do Affiliate Marketing, Youtube Marketing, SEO, SMM and so on. But you have to be an expert to become an online marketer. Otherwise, it is not possible to succeed. This is a great barrier for any new marketer. Because they are not experienced enough to show their expertise. If you want to build your own niche site and earn money from it, you need a pretty good knowledge of the whole method. It needs times and experience to be an expert. But CPA Marketing is much easier for the new marketers. One can learn CPA Marketing with little efforts and start earning within a short period of times. Quick earning makes him confident enough to proceed further.

How to Start CPA Marketing for Beginners?

CPA Marketing is one kind of online marketing. But rather than selling or promoting any product, you have to promote some information by which a client can complete an Action.

You can earn money by promoting the CPA information on your blog, on Facebook Pages and Groups. You can share it also on Google Plus. Sharing the information by E-mail, Craigslist and other marketing methods are also fruitful. But you have to do CPA Marketing in a systematic way. Otherwise, you may be treated as a spammer. You have to promote your CPA information to your targeted audience. Promoting your service information to any irrelevant group or to any person who is not interested in the service would bring you nothing. Rather it will create a bad impression over the total CPA Market and over the marketers also.

You can learn CPA Marketing from different online resources. Better you learn from any training center. It will give you a chance to learn CPA Marketing practically. To learn CPA Marketing you need a computer and an internet connection. You need the basic skill of using a computer and the internet. You must have patience and passion to learn and earn.

Where to Get CPA Offer?

After getting the basic concept of CPA Marketing for beginners, now the question is where can you find the CPA offers to promote? The answer is Google. Search “CPA Marketplace List” on Google and you will get your sources. MaxBounty, PeerFly, Clickbooth, W4, CPAlead are some well known CPA Marketplaces. Find your best marketplace to start with.

How to Withdraw Your Income?

There are several methods to withdraw your income from CPA Marketing. The most popular methods are Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller etc. You can apply for a Payoneer account from here and earn $25 bonus. With a Payoneer Card, you can withdraw money from ATM Booth or transfer money to your Bank Account. Withdrawal method may vary from the marketplace to marketplace.

This is all about CPA Marketing for beginners. CPA Marketing really works. It is not any gossip or fraud. But before starting CPA Marketing you have to choose your marketplace carefully. You have to be conscious of the service to be promoted.

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