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Fiverr Alternatives | Best Freelance Sites Like Fiverr

fiverr alternatives

Before talking about Fiverr alternatives let’s see what is Fiverr and how does Fiverr work. It is also necessary to understand why we should search for other freelance sites like Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a very much popular micro-job marketplace where the sellers sell their ‘Gigs’ starting from $5. The ‘Gigs’ are the service offered by the sellers. At the earlier stage, the seller could sell their service only for $5. But latter Fiverr changed their terms of service. Now one can sell his Gig at a higher price.

Payment Options

Fiverr’s payment options are PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card (Payoneer), Bank transfer and direct deposit. But the direct deposit option is available for the US sellers only. The minimum withdrawal options vary according to the payment gateways. You can withdraw $1 through PayPal, $5 through Payoneer, $20 through Bank transfer and $10 through direct deposit.

Why Should You Search Fiverr Alternatives?

Now the sellers of Fiverr can earn more money by selling their Gigs at a higher rate than $5. This is a very good opportunity for the sellers. But Fiverr charges 20% on selling price which is comparatively higher than other freelance marketplaces. On the other hand, Fiverr has become more competitive than what it was. Now the sellers can set a higher price for their Gigs, but they can sell fewer than before. Because so many sellers are joining Fiverr every day with their hundreds of Gigs. As a result to increase the sells volume many sellers are being bound to keep their sale price $5 only. In this situation, the sellers are searching for the Fiverr alternatives. Fortunately, there are some freelance sites like Fiverr that are low competitive. So there is a chance to make a good amount of money from these sites.

Some Freelance Sites Like Fiverr that are Low Competitive

There are some popular micro-jobs sites to make money by doing simple works. But the sites listed below are different from others. Here you don’t need to wait for any job published by the clients and place a bid to get a work order from them. Rather you can create your own service offers and ask the buyers to buy them. These marketplaces are something like the online shops, where the products are displayed with their description and price. Buyers choose their products and pay for that.

01) FiverrUp

Micro-jobs marketplace FiverrUp is very much similar to Fiverr. Here you can sell your Gig from $4 to $100. Like Fiverr, FiverrUp also pays 80% of the total sale price and they keep 20% as their service charge. Though the commission is as high as Fiverr’s one, the market is less competitive than Fiverr.

Payment Options

FiverrUp pays their seller through PayPal only. They also charge $1 for each withdrawal request. Payments are made after 14 days of successful delivery of services.

02) SEOClerks

When SEOClerks started their activities, their intention was to work with the SEO related service only. But later they changed their working plan and included other services like Graphic Design, Programming, Web-related jobs, Content writing and much more. So it is also a good marketplace for the online income.

Payment Options

SEOClerks pays through PayPal, Payoneer and Payza. They have 3 different types of minimum withdrawal criteria for 3 levels of sellers. Such as $10 for Level 1 sellers, $5 for Level 2 sellers and $1 for Level 3 sellers.

3) Zeerk

Zeerk is another Fiverr like marketplace. It offers micro-jobs from $2 to $200. But their payment rate is higher than Fiverr and FiverrUp. After deducting their 10% service charge Zeerk pays 90% of the sells revenue to the seller. If you sell a Gig at $5 Fiverr will pay you $4. But with the same Gig, you can make $4.5 from Zeerk.

Payment Options

PayPal, Pyza, Payoneer and Bank Transfer are the available payment options for Zeerk. Another amazing feature of Zeerk is daily payment withdrawal option. Here the payments are made instantly after placing withdrawal request by the seller. Minimum withdrawal amount from Zeerk is $4 only.

04) Findeavor

Findeavor is a micro-job site where the seller can sell their Endeavors for $5 to $500. “Endeavors” are the services that are offered by the seller on Findeavor. It is the same thing like ‘Gig’. You can work in different categories like advertising, graphics, music, programming, SEO, technology and many others.

Payment Options

Findeavor’s pays only through PayPal. Minimum withdrawal amount from Findeavor is $5.

If you are facing a tough situation in Fiverr, you can try these Fiverr alternatives. The above freelance sites like Fiverr are less known by others and still low competitive. So you can hope for a better result from these sites.

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