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Importance of Email Marketing in Your Business

importance of email marketing

Email marketing is one kind of digital marketing through which you can advertise your products or service. Many organizations are using email marketing method to increase their business. But what is the importance of email marketing? Why the marketers like email marketing? We shall try to find the answer in the following content.

You can do email marketing by following some simple steps only. There is no alternative to email marketing to get an effective result within a shorter period of time. It is also a creative work. The success of email marketing depends on how creatively and effectively you can present your product or service to your targeted clients.

Why Email Marketing?

Email is easy to access. You don’t need any computer. It is easy to read an email with your mobile phone. You need only a couple of minutes to read an email. Even a busy man in his office or traveling people can receive emails without hampering his daily duties.

A recent study says that –

  • 4.24% of the buyers come from email campaign while only 0.59% of them come from social media.
  • 72% people like the promotional emails when 17% like social media promotion.
  • Email marketing is 40% more effective than that of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Click rate on email marketing campaign is 6 times higher than that of Twitter marketing.
  • Return of email marketing investment is as high as 41%.

These statistics are sufficient enough for a marketer to choose email marketing.

Importance of Email Marketing in Your Business

There are some certain reasons that make email marketing so important. Let’s see what they are.

Cost Effective

While talking about the importance of email marketing, what comes first is it is cheap. Unlike other traditional marketing methods such as Newspaper ad, Radio ad, TV Channel ad email marketing is very much cost effective. Sending 1000 email costs you around $1 only.

Saves Time

Email marketing is faster than traditional marketing. Even it is faster than some other digital marketing system like SEO and SMM. You can get an immediate result from email marketing.

Targeted Customer Oriented

By using email marketing you can promote your offers to the targeted customers. You can choose your targeted location, professions, organizations, lifestyle of the clients. Which is more accurate and specific than many others marketing systems.

Easy to Use

You don’t need special technical skills to send and receive email. That is why any people with an internet connection can use it. If you can’t design your email template you can buy it from the marketplace. You can send emails using software which is easy to operate. On the other hand, peoples can easily read your email through computers, tabs, mobile phones etc.

Generate Quick Sale

Quick product promotion generates the quick sale. As you can send lots of email at a time, you can expect a large volume of turnover within a short time. There is no limitation of quantity to send emails. You decide how many emails you will send per hour. But do not spam.

Get Clients Feedback Easily

Through email marketing, you can get customer’s response and their feedback easily. When you get reply your email you can read the customers mind. You can understand what they think about your product and what they like or dislike. It helps you to take quick and effective marketing decision.

Easy to Attract the Customers

You can attract the customers easily with a nicely designed email template. Write your offers in such way that the readers feel interested about your service. There is huge scope to show your creativity. You can make difference with attractive image, colour and fonts.

You Need Minimum Efforts

Email marketing needs minimum efforts. After completing your email template with necessary text and image you are almost done. Now just send them to your targeted people with the help of software.

You Can Choose Your Time Schedule

Your targeted customers can be from different countries with different time zone. So it is possible that when you are doing social media campaign, your client on the other part of the earth is in deep sleep. But in email marketing, you can easily schedule your time targeting the different customers of different locations.

It is an Aggressive Marketing

Email marketing is more regressive than some other marketing methods. For example, if any customer wants to buy any product from sites like Amazon or eBay, he has to browse the site and select the product. Sites like Amazon will not be able to sell if the buyers do not visit their site willingly. But in email marketing, you are selecting some products of good quality at reasonable price. Then you are reaching the customers through your email. Thus you are saving their time and money.

These are some advantages of email marketing that make it so popular. For being cost-effective and user-friendly the importance of email marketing is increasing day by day.

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