Make Money with Google AdSense Without a Website

make money with Google AdSense without a website

AdSense is a very desirable source of monetizing a blog or website. Those who want to make money by displaying ads on the sites consider AdSense as their first preference. You may think that it is very tough to get approval from AdSense. In one of my post I have described how can you get a fast approval from AdSense by following some basic instructions? Today I shall discuss how can you make money with Google AdSense without a website? Let’s see what are the alternative ways to make money on AdSense everyday without a website?

What is AdSense?

When you scroll through any website, sometimes you see some ads on that site. There may be ads on the header, on the footer, on the sidebars or between the texts. Most of the ads are by Google AdSense. Google AdSense also is known as AdSense is a product of Google. A large share of Google’s income comes from AdSense. The publishers (site owners) place ads from Google and get paid for displaying ads. Google has a certain policy of displaying ads based on the language of the site, contents, location etc.

How does AdSense Work?

If you want to make money with Google AdSense without a website, you should have some basic idea about how AdSense works. As I have mentioned above, Google has their own policy about AdSense. AdSense works with CPC (Cost per click) and EPC (Earnings Per Click) method. The publishers are paid when anybody clicks on the ads shown on the website. Since February 20015, Google is paying the publishers 68% of the revenue from AdSense earning. That means if Google earns $100, the site owner gets $68 and Google keeps $32. If you want to earn with AdSense, you must follow the terms and conditions of AdSense.

How to Make Money with Google AdSense Without a Website?

When you are going to earn by displaying ads from AdSense, it is clear that you need a space or place to show the ads. A website is the best way to display online ads. However, if you don’t have any website or don’t want to spend money for building a website, you can create a free website with Blogger (a free product of Google) and earn with AdSense. But our topic is “make money with Google AdSense without a website”. So we shall see how to make money with AdSense even if you don’t have any website.

Making Money With YouTube

Making money with YouTube is getting popular day by day. Other than a website, you can place ads on your YouTube and earn from it. YouTube is another concern of Google family and AdSense is one of the best ways to monetize your video.

At first, you have to select your niche and then upload some high-quality videos related to your niche. It is necessary to upload videos that go with your topics. Give a name for your YouTube channel. Upload a logo to it. Some days ago minimum view count was not mandatory to get AdSense approval. But Google AdSense has changed their terms. Now your video needs at least 10,000 total views before you can apply for AdSense. If your application is granted, you can display ads on your YouTube channel and make a significant amount of money from it. You will be paid money when any viewer clicks on the ads showed in the video.

AdSense for Hubpages

HubPages is mainly for the bloggers who love to write. But still, you can make some money through your HubPages by AdSense. HubPage allows you to build your own free site. You can apply for AdSense for your HubPages. When the readers click on the ads you will earn some money from it. HubPages also get a portion of the earnings from it. Amazone Affiliate marketing is also possible with the HubPages. But while monetizing the HubPages, you should keep in mind that earning money from it should not be your primary concern. Try to share your knowledge with your readers. Grow your popularity. When you have a good reader base, you can make a significant amount of money from it.

So these are two ways to make money with AdSense without any website. But if you have a website with AdSense account, you can make sufficient amount of money from it. Because AdSense pays better than any other advertising networks.

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