How to Make Your Blog Popular

make your blog popular

As a blog owner, you certainly love your site very much and you want to make your blog popular. But it is not an easy task. If you are an SEO expert you can drive a good number of traffics to your blog by applying your SEO tools & techniques. But you cannot judge the popularity of a site only by its traffic. As an admin, you should have some qualities to make your blog popular.

How to Measure Popularity of a Blog?

You may think that a sufficient number of traffics makes a blog famous. But this assumption may not always true. Because traffic and popularity are two different things. There are some people who collect some popular videos from Youtube. They give very eye catchy titles of the videos, write a few words and share the links to the social media. Many a time the title of the links and the story behind the title are far different. With the videos and some tricky titles, the bloggers can drive a huge number of viewers but they cannot keep them bound. A large number of viewers do not back to those sites for the second time. The fact described above refers that some blogs have a good number of viewers but they don’t have popularity.

As a blogger, you should keep in your mind that earning some money from your blog is not the only reason behind your blogging. You must have a passion for your blog. You must care your readers. By writing new contents regularly you can show your passion for your blog. If you are serious about your blog and share informative posts for the audience, the audience will obviously love your blog. When the readers will be benefited from your blog they must visit your blog again and again. If you can make your blog popular you need not think about the traffics. Even you don’t need to think about your income. The contents of your blog will bring both traffic and money for you.

How to Make Your Blog Popular?

To make your blog popular there are some easy but important techniques that you can follow. Read the tips below and apply them to your blog to get popularity.

Make an Attractive and Responsive Design

People need information. So they come to your blog. But only information cannot catch the attention of the audience. Your site must have a nice and professional look. A paid or a custom web template would serve this purpose better than any free web template. If you can customize the site yourself you can design your own site. Otherwise, you have to hire a web developer to give a different and professional look of your site. Another important thing is that your site must be responsive so that it works well with any kind of device. Without a responsive website, you will lose a huge potential audience.

Write Quality Contents

It is often said that content is the king. Write contents for the readers, not for the search engine. Try to help the readers. Write contents that solve some problems faced by general people. Select your topics carefully and present them in simple and easy language so that the readers can understand the facts. When you are writing some technical posts you should keep in your mind that all the audience are not expert enough to understand the technical terms. So you should explain any topic from the view point of a reader of beginner level.

Write as a Guest Blogger

This can be a great opportunity to make your blog popular. When you have just started a blog, you may not get enough traffic at the early stage. If you write as a guest blogger on any blog of same or similar niche, you can get more audience for your new blog. Writing as a guest blogger gives you the opportunity to share ‘do follow’ links that are directed to your blog. By clicking the links the readers can know about you and your blog. But as a guest blogger, you should write on blogs that have higher ranks than yours. Writing on a blog which is inferior to your blog will not be fruitful for you.

Reply Your Reader’s Comments

Your readers may leave some comments to you posts. Some comments may be only compliments or thanks for your writings. But there are some comments where the readers ask questions to know more about any topics. Try to reply each and every comment carefully. While answering any comment, give an impression that you are happy to reply his comment. Your reply to any comment would certainly make the reader satisfied. The reader will find your blog helpful and he would come back to your blog again.

Build a Community of Bloggersmunity of bloggers of the same category. Find the other bloggers of your same or similar niche and build a community with them. This will help you to communicate with each other. You can subscribe to some blogs of higher rank and keep a connection with them. Keep the option subscription with your blog so that other bloggers and readers can be subscribed to your blog.

Try to Give Some Free or Extra

Everybody likes to get some free gifts. Readers of your blog also will be happy if they get some documents, downloads etc. for free of cost. For example, if you sell eBooks through your blog, keep some eBooks free to download for the readers. If the readers find some free eBooks of basic information and skills that are helpful for them they will be inspired to buy your eBooks of advanced skills. With some ‘Extras’ you can get traffic, popularity and money.

Promote You Blog to Social Media

The importance of Social Media is not less than that of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A large number of users are involved with social media like Facebook and Twitter. So a fan page in social media will obviously help you to get more traffic to your site. Share your content to these social media regularly to build your readers group. You can also create a group about your niche and allow the members to share their opinion about it. As a result, the readers will find a group of their interest and you will easily find a group of audience who have interest about your niche. Thus you can grow the popularity of your blog.

So these are some important factors that can both generate a good number of traffics and make your blog popular. If you follow the tips described above and keep continue blogging, you can easily create your own brand. It may take times but you must be a gainer within a certain period of times.

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