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Online Job for Students that Pays Well

online job for students

If you are studying in school or college you can earn some money from internet. Part-time online Job for students is available on the various sites. You can do some work in your leisure time or off days. Working for 2 to 3 hours per day can bring a good amount of money for you. Even you can earn money with your mobile phone. The opportunity is unlimited. You choose your sector and start earning from today!

Benefit of Online Job for Students

There are some good reasons to start an online job for students. It is not only about earning money. Online job builds your competency. Let’s see the benefits of the online job for students.

Earn Some Extra Money

Doing part time online job helps you to earn some extra money. With the income, you can pay off your study loan. You can also buy your necessary books and other study materials. It may be little but you can contribute to your family needs.

Save Money for Future

From your income, you can save money for the future. After graduation, it may take times to get your first full-time job. If you save money and continue your part time online job, you can easily bear your own expenses during this time.

Builds Your Self Confidence

Doing the online job as a student builds and grows your self-confidence. You get a chance to show your efficiency and you can learn how to handle different types to professional hazards. So after completing your study when you join the work you can easily cope with the professional environment.

Increases the Value of Your Resume

If you have experience of doing jobs you can show it in your Resume. Inserting job experience, whether it is part time or full time, certainly upgraded the value of your resume. It keeps you ahead more than other candidates.

Increases Your Management Skills

If you do part time online job, you have to manage your study and the job at the same time. You have to make a proper time schedule so that you can manage them both. It increases your management skills. So you can set the priority and urgency of work.

Find Online Job for Students That Suite You Best

As a student study is your first priority. Doing online job brings some extra money for you. But you can do work on your leisure time only. Find online Job that suite you best. So that you can continue earning without hampering your academic career. There are some sites, as described below, that offer highest paying online jobs.

Teaching Online

I shall keep ‘Teaching’ on the top of my list of the online job for students. Because being a student you need less effort to earn as a tutor. You just deliver your academic knowledge to teach the students online.

You can sign up at StudentTutor as a tutor. To join StudentTutor you need to be a current college student or recent Graduate with minimum GPA 3.00. You have to teach for two days per week for three consecutive hours each day. StudentTutor pays $16 to $23 for every hour.

You can also join Wyzant for serving as an online tutor. Residents of US and Canada can apply for a part-time tutoring job on Tutor.

You have an opportunity to teach English to the foreign students on Cambly for $0.17 per minutes or deliver a 30 minutes session to teach English for $10 on SameSpeak.


Not only the students but also the job seekers, employees, housewives and people of other professions can earn from blogging. First, select a topic as your niche on which you are an expert. Then write helpful contents regularly for your readers. You can monetize your blog in various ways. Earning by Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing are some common ways to make some money from your blog.

Online Survey

Popular websites like Minds Warms, Survey Savvy and Paid View Point are good sources to earn money through the paid survey. You can complete a survey within 10 to 30 minutes and earn $1 to $20 for each completion. You can get a list of best survey sites from GoodFinancialCents.

Data Entry

Data entry job is a good way of earning money. Amazon MTurk, Axion Data Entry Services and Dion Data Solutions are some renowned data entry sites you can join today. Good typing speed and accuracy is very important for data entry.

Writing Articles

If you are good at grammar and if you have a passion for writing, you can earn by writing articles in various sites. You can start with BlogMutt, Content Mart, Hire Writers and many other sites available on the net. Moreover, there are many websites that offer money for writing contents. To find these sites write “keyword” “write for us” or “keyword” “submit content” on the search engine. Place your own word instead of ‘kewword’. For example, if you want to write about ‘Indoor Games’ write “Indoor Games” “write for us” on the search engine and find sites where you can contribute. Before starting you should contact the site owner for payment and other information.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you need to do different types of tasks like data entry, research, customer service, E-mail management, business communications and so many others. You can get virtual assistant jobs on the popular freelancing sites. Sites like Fancy Hands, Assistant Match and 247 Virtual Assistance are some popular places for Virtual Assistant jobs.

Social Media Expert

If you are expert in handling the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram, you have huge opportunity to earn besides your study. You can manage social media for different organizations and charge a specific amount of money for that. Tasks are as easy as developing & sharing contents, analyzing social media, answering comments, promoting services and products etc.


The freelancing job is getting popular day by day. You can find a huge category of work on the freelancing sites. You can do SEO, Digital Marketing, Website development, Website Design, Programming, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Content Writing, Video making and editing and whatnot? Try with what you know best and earn some dollar. UpWork, Freelancer, Guru and People Per Hour are popular for freelancing jobs.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are simple and tiny jobs that you can do without any special knowledge and expertise. It takes very few minutes to do a micro job and you can get few cents for every completion. Most of the micro-jobs are like sign up, form fill-up, choosing the best alternative, answering a question and so on. Here are some micro job sites that you can join easily.

Earning by YouTube

Make a video, upload it to YouTube and earn money from it. You can make money from YouTube in several ways. In order to earn from YouTube, you must not copy other’s video. Ensure the quality of picture & sound and Give an attractive title for it. Earning with YouTube is fun and profitable.

So these are the popular online job for students. Online job increases both your money and skills. Many students after completing their education are continuing their online jobs as a full-time profession and earning a handsome amount of money.

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