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Guide to Payoneer Sign UP with $25 Bonus

payoneer sign up

Freelancers all over the world who earn money online can apply for a Payoneer account. Payoneer sign up is free and needs only a few minutes to complete the form. All most every pioneer marketplace accepts Payoneer for payment delivery of the freelancers. Moreover, professionals like digital marketers, affiliate marketers and online advertisers can use Payoneer account for making transaction.

What You Need to Open Payoneer Account

In order to open a Payoneer account, you need some information as described below. When you fill up your Payoneer sign up application, make sure that all the information you provide are true and have valid documents.

Here is the list of what you need to open a Payoneer account-

1) A valid e-mail account. It is for opening Payoneer account, log in your Payoneer account, changing or recovering password and other communication purposes.

2) Your active Bank Account number.

3) Your photo ID such as National ID card issued by the government, passport or your driving license. You need a scanned copy of your ID.

4) Your Mobile Number. Mobile number is required to receive the verification code from Payoneer.

5) Your shipping address. It is your mailing address to receive your Payoneer card, letters, documents etc. It should be short, specific and clear.

Payoneer Sign Up: A Step by Step Guideline

payoneer sign up guide

You have a possibility to earn $25 bonus from Payoneer. In order to receive the bonus submit your Payoneer sign up application here. This link will take you to Payoneer signup page with a button called “Sign up and Earn $25*”. Click on the button and fill up the form as described below.

[Please note that you can get $25 bonus only after loading the first $1000 to your Payoneer card. To get the bonus you have to fulfill the terms and conditions required by Payoneer]

Now let’s start filling our Payoneer sign up form. Here is the process of opening an individual Payoneer account. There may be a little change in the application form. But the main process is almost same. You have to fill up all the information in Latin Character (English).

1) Getting Started

payoneer sign up guide step 1

This is the first step of a 4 step sign up process. Write your First Name, Last Name, Valid E-mail Address and Date of Birth carefully.

This E-mail address will be your ‘Username’ for logging into your Payoneer Account. Give all the information according to your ID card issued by the Government.

Click ‘NEXT’.

2) Contact Details

payoneer sign up guide step 2

Contact Details is the second step of the form. Write your Country Name, Street Address, City, Postal/Zip code and Phone number correctly.

Street address has two rows. Each row allows 30 characters only. So your address should be short, specific and clear. You will find your Country Name and Country code for the phone number is automatically filled up. Select ‘Mobile’ from Phone Type. Write only mobile number except country code. Payoneer sends verification code through the mobile number. So give an active mobile number.

Now click ‘NEXT’.

3) Security Details

payoneer sign up guide step 3

The third step is Security Details. Write your User Name, provide Password, select and answer your security question, select ID type and write ID number here. Your Country of issue of your ID will be auto-filled up.

You need this password to log into your Payoneer Account. It must contain at least 7 characters. The password must be a combination of at least one Latin alphabetic (a-z) and at least one numeric (0-9) character.

Then click ‘NEXT’.

4) Almost Done

payoneer sign up guide step 4

The final step is “Almost Done”. Write your Bank Account information here.

Based on your Country and information provided by you, some information of this step will be auto-filled up. The name in your ID card and your Bank Account name should be same.

Now check the two statements “I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Electronic Discussion and Privacy Policy” and “I agree to the Pricing and Fees”.

It is recommended to go through the Terms and Conditions, Electronic Discussion, Privacy Policy and Pricing and Fees for your own interest.

Now click ‘SUBMIT’.

You will see a submission confirmation message on the screen. You will receive an E-mail at the same time. The Email will contain your ‘Username’ and also a ‘Customer ID’. Save the information for further requirement.

If everything is Ok, you will receive another E-mail within a few minutes. This is the confirmation of acceptance your application.

Now it is the time to log into your Payoneer account. You may sign in either from the Payoneer homepage or from the “Get Started’ button in your E-mail. Write your E-mail as Username and give your password to log in.

When you are logging in your Payoneer account for the first time, you have to select two security questions and give the answer to them.

How to Order a Payoneer Card

payoneer sign up guide card 1


After fulfilling all the requirements (if any), you can place an order for a Payoneer prepaid card. Log in your Payoneer account and you will see an ‘Order Card’ button on the top right header menu. You can find the button also at the middle of the page. Click on it and fill up the form.


payoneer sign up guide card 2


Some information of this step will be auto-filled up. Write your Name on Card, select your ID Type, provide your ID number and write the name of the country of issue of the ID.

Now write your Shipping address (mailing address) clearly. Write your Name, Country, Street Address, Home Address, City and Zip Code. Your Payoneer card will be sent to this address through Post Office.

At the bottom of the form, you will see three statements as follows-

“I agree to the Electronic and Cookie Disclosures and Privacy Policy.”

“I agree to the Terms and Conditions and Global Payment Service Terms and Conditions.”

And “I agree to the Pricing and Fees.”

Check all the three statements. Click “ORDER”.

You will see the message “Application Completed” on your screen. At the same time, you will also receive an E-mail regarding submitting your order.

After a short review by the Payoneer Team, they will deliver your Payoneer card by post. Payoneer will send you an E-mail about the card delivery. You may keep a connection with your nearby post office for proper information.

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