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Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website

affiliate marketing without website

The Affiliate Marketers generally do affiliate marketing through the websites. This is a very common and popular method of promoting affiliate links. There are some starters who want to earn through affiliate marketing but they don’t want to invest money to build a site at the very initial stage. In this post, I shall share how you can start affiliate marketing without website. Affiliate marketing without website! Though it sounds strange, you can start affiliate marketing without spending money for building a site.

The main purpose of affiliate marketing is to present your affiliate products before your clients. You have to give some information of your product with a link to the marketplace so that the buyers can buy it. A website can serve the matter very effectively. But a website is not the only medium of promoting affiliate links. There are some other ways to generate affiliate sale and earn money. Let’s see what they are.

Affiliate Marketing Without Website – 7 Easy Ways

Forum Post

This is a simple and easy method to start affiliate marketing. First, select your products from the marketplace then find your related forums to promote them. But before sharing your links you have to build your credibility in the forum. Take part in the forum discussion regularly. Help the people with valuable information that they ask in a forum. This will make you trustworthy to them. Build your audience group and followers in the forum. Then share your affiliate links to generate a sale. Remember that if you share affiliate links in your each and every discussion, this could prove you as a spammer. Rather be rational and helpful while sharing a link. On the other hand, relevancy is very important. The forum and the discussion you join should be same or similar to your niche. Promoting affiliate links to any irrelevant forum or discussion will bring nothing for you. Moreover, you could be banned from the forum.


An e-book is another effective medium to promote your affiliate links. Through the e-books, you can easily reach to your targeted clients. Everybody likes to get some free gifts. You can take the chance to make some money. First, write an informative e-book on your selected niche. Put affiliate links inside your content and distribute the e-book free of cost to your targeted clients. You can make a free landing page and inspire the people to download your e-book from your landing page without any cost. Every time when any people download your e-book you get a potential buyer of your affiliate product. When creating your e-book be sure that it is lucrative and contains huge information. The e-book should be helpful, up-to-date, interesting and easy to read. Otherwise, your reader will through it to the recycle bin without any hesitation.

YouTube Channel

You can earn money from YouTube with affiliate marketing. There are millions of viewers of this media. First, make YouTube series on your affiliate products. Then put the affiliate links at the description of the video. People when view your channel can buy the product by clicking the links. Be sure that that the link you share is relevant to your niche. Otherwise, you may be banned for violating YouTube’s Policy. It is wise to put only one affiliate link in the description of the video. You can be successful in YouTube affiliate marketing if you have a large number of subscribers. Informative and instructional video helps to build a strong audience base and grow your subscriber.

Building HubPages

HubPages is another way to start your affiliate marketing. Hub allows you to build a free one-page mini-site where you can share your topics. You do not need any technical knowledge of web development and design to build your HubPages. The main advantage of HubPage is that it is a website and at the same time a social network also. So you can easily generate traffic and sell your affiliate products from here.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

If you don’t have any website you can start a paid advertising campaign on Google or Bing. You have to invest some money to run a campaign. For being a paid campaign the search engine will show your ads on the top of the search result. If the People click on the advertisement with your affiliate link, you can generate your affiliate sale and earn money.

Social Media

You can use the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to promote your affiliate links and earn money from affiliate marketing without website. It is easy to create a fan page on the Facebook or a business page on the Google+. There you can build your followers and start sharing your affiliate links. Social media is free to join and you can get huge traffic from here.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective way to sell your affiliate products. First, collect email of your targeted clients. You can use MailChimp to collect emails. MailChimp has a free package with that you can send 12000 emails per month to your 2000 subscribers. This is enough to start an email campaign. Design your email template or get your free template from different websites and put your affiliate link in your message body. Send your email to the targeted people and make money from it.

These are some alternatives to start your affiliate marketing without website. You can find even more ways in the Google search. But if you think to do affiliate marketing for the long term there is no alternative to your own website.

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