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Making money online is the craze of today’s world. There are various ways to earn money online. You can apply some Tips & Tricks to earn by Blogging and Digital Marketing. A large number of young professionals are drawing a handsome amount of money from internet. This is your chance. So think digital and make money online from today!

Make Money Online by Blogging

When you think about online money making methods, blogging comes first. What matters most is selecting the right niche. It is not an easy task to select a profitable niche for your blog. You can start writing on your hobby. Here is a list of hobbies that can be helpful for you. There are some evergreen niches that are popular for every time. How to blogs, Money making blogs, Health blogs are considered as evergreen topics. Whatever your niche is, your ultimate goal is to think digital and make money online. After selecting your niche it is time to build your website. There are some popular sites from where you can build your site totally free. Do proper keyword research and collect some profitable keywords for your site. Start writing your blog. Proper on-page and off-page SEO will help you to generate traffic. Then you have to monetize your blog. You can earn by AdSense from your site. A free website may not be accepted for AdSense. There are several other ways to monetize a free website. You can start blogging with a self-hosted site and get AdSense approval easily. You can also monetize your blog by selling ad space directly to any organization or by affiliate marketing. Selling own products or service through blog site is also popular.


  • Write for the audience not for the search engine.
  • Write to help the readers, not to make money only.
  • Post regularly, not necessarily daily. The regular post helps to retain your readers.
  • Give authentic information. Make sure that the data provided by you are genuine.
  • Use relevant lucrative images with your content.
  • If needed add video with your post.


  • Don’t copy and paste contents from other sites. Your site cannot rank with copied contents.
  • Don’t create irrelevant anchor text. Your readers would not like to see irrelevant posts. Moreover, irrelevant hyperlinks are penalized by Google.
  • Don’t add too many videos. It may slow down your site.

Think Digital and Make Money Online by Freelancing

If you don’t want to keep bound yourself to a 9-5 office job, freelancing is perfect for you. Expert Graphic designers, Programmers, Digital Marketers can join popular freelancing websites like UpWork, Freelancer and Guru. You can also make your own website and offer freelance service to your clients. Different sites are available for different types of jobs category. Before joining to any freelancing site browse through the site and see what type of jobs are available for you.


  • Be an expert on your sector. Because you have to compete with the other freelancers in an international environment.
  • Be patient. Success may not come within a short period of time.
  • Try to give a little more to your client. This will make your client happy and in future, you can get more work from him.


  • Don’t place a bid or offer any service that you cannot complete. This will bring a bad reputation for you.
  • Don’t underrate your service. Doing work at a rate that is lower than the available market price can be treated as inferior quality.
  • Don’t create more than one account in a certain marketplace. You may lose both of your accounts for violating the site’s rules.

Make Money Online by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a good source of online income. Marketers are earning form popular affiliate marketing networks like Amazon, eBay, Cj Affiliate and others. There are also some high paying affiliate programs you can join. It takes times to get success from affiliate programs. But the opportunities are high. If you have a good concept of SEO and digital marketing, you can do well with affiliate marketing.


  • Start working with a single nice. Because you can give your best to the single direction.
  • Try your second affiliate niche site when you are successful with the existing one.
  • Select products between $50 to $500. Products of this price range are sold quickly.
  • Provide comparative data of your similar products and give reasons in favor of your products.
  • Upgrade your information time to time according to the availability of your affiliate products.
  • Check if your referral links are working or not. Invalid links can bring nothing for you.


  • Don’t violet the network rules. You may lose your account.
  • Don’t send spam emails to the subscribers. Instead of generating a sale you may lose your valuable clients.
  • Don’t even think to cheat your readers.

Make Money Online by YouTube

A few years before people could not even think that one can make money with uploading video. But YouTube has made it possible. Now many marketers are earning money with their YouTube channels. There are different ways to make money from YouTube. You can earn from your channel by AdSense, affiliate marketing and selling your own products. Think digital and make money online from YouTube.


  • Upload high-quality unique videos. This will increase your subscriber.
  • Use only one affiliate/ referral link per video.
  • Answer the queries of your audience as early as possible.


  • Don’t copy other’s video. Your channel may be banned for copy paste video.
  • Don’t use an irrelevant title and description in your video. An irrelevant title may generate more traffic, but you
  • may lose the valuable customers in the long run.

Make Money Online by Micro-Jobs

Even if you don’t have any special qualities you can earn sufficient amount of money from some micro-job sites. A micro job is very simple and it takes few minutes to complete. You can earn from here without any technical knowledge. Earning with your smartphone or making money simply by clicking on ads is not impossible. Actually, there are different types of works on the internet and making money from there is not very tough.


  • Join only those sites that do not require any registration fees.
  • Join the network who have payment proves.
  • Select the networks that have low minimum withdrawal options.


  • Don’t pay any fees to join any micro-job site.
  • Don’t disclose the PIN or password of your Master card, Credit card.

Keep updating yourself with latest digital technologies. If you are an expert in any category, you need not search for a usual day to day office job. Think digital and make money online. You decide how much would you like to earn.

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