What a Website Should Have on the Homepage

what a website should have

Probably you are going to start your own website or you may have one already. But why should you have a website? There are different types of websites like corporate website, Personal service oriented website, blog site and many others. They have also different purposes to serve. But as a site owner, you should know what a website should have on the homepage.

The homepage is the face of a site. Some essential contents on the homepage help the visitors with important information, bring traffic, grow the popularity of your site and expand your business.

Homepage Contents: What a Website Should have?

Let’s see what a website should have on the homepage to make it more acceptable to the users.

  1. A web site works as a brand of an organization. When you visit any website you can easily realize what information, service or products are being offered by it. Thus the homepage of a site provides the main objectives or purpose of a site. You should use attractive headlines and lucrative sliders on the homepage indicating your service and products.
  2. Your homepage should contain a brief service overview also. Stick the service overview in such a place that the visitors can easily see it and get the proper idea about the services that you offer. It will help them to make a decision of what service they would take from you.
  3. Add a logo of your site on the homepage. The logo is the brand of your service and bears the identity of your business. That’s why it should have a proper size. On the other hand, you should place the logo carefully to keep balance with the site. Especially relevant that your site should maintain proper color combination that goes with the logo.
  4. The homepage should have some eye catchy images. You should use high-quality unique images that are relevant to your service and products. Good images create a good impression on the visitors. Moreover, you can use images of the peoples involved with your service. These images help to build the credibility of the site. Images serve as the advertisement of your site and help to grow your traffic.
  5. Nowadays the websites have sections called client’s review. You should have one on your homepage. This is what the clients say about your service or products. If you are a new service provider where can you get client’s review? Well, you may be new on the website, but previously you could have done some service locally. You can use those references along with the photos and comments collecting from those clients. Client’s reviews are generally placed at the lower part of the site just over the footer of the homepage. It makes a positive impression of the site. The visitors can realize that you are experienced enough to serve them. Personal blogs can show recent comments of the readers on the sidebar of the blog.
  6. It is very important to add the social media icons with links on the homepage of your site. Place the social media links on the top right corner of the site. You can add the social media links at footer section also. Keeping social media links on the site refers that you have social media pages. Posting contents on your site are not enough to expand your business. Social media activities bring more traffic to your site and also help to grow page rank in the search engine.
  7. You can add a video of your products and service on the homepage of your site. A video not only gives your site a nice look but also shows information about your service and products. It also helps to keep the visitors bound to your site and reduce bounce rate of your site.
  8. Your homepage should have a ‘contact us’ option. The clients and the readers may have any query about your service. This option helps them to contact you easily. Contact us page may include your physical office address (if any), your contact number and email address. You can also add a contact form to your site through which the visitors can drop their comments.
  9. There should be a ‘Terms & Conditions’ or ‘Terms of Use’ content on the homepage. It must clearly capture the terms of use of your service as well as your site. A privacy policy of your site would add an extra value to your site. Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy help you to defend any conflict that may arise against your site.

In conclusion, these are some basic contents what a website should have on the homepage. Using the contents upgrade the value of your site.

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