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What is Email Marketing and How does it Work

what is email marketing and how does it work

Know What is Email Marketing and How does it Work

Many marketers of beginning level do not know what is email marketing and how does it work. This post is to give some basic knowledge about email marketing. A few years ago the buyers would search the sellers to buy their necessary products and service. But the business policy is changed now. Nowadays the sellers are approaching to the buyers with their offers. Email marketing is one of the important marketing systems of this changing business world. Through email marketing, the marketers can easily and effectively send their message to the prospective buyers and rich their goal. That is why the importance of email marketing is increasing rapidly. On the other hand, the expert email marketers are earning a lot of money with their service.

People often buy things when the sellers continuously knock them and peruse them by describing the various quality of a product. The email marketers do the same thing but in different ways. Without going towards the buyers physically, they approach them virtually. The marketers send email to the prospective customers by mentioning their products or service. Through their email, they try to convince the buyers to buy any product. The sellers earn a certain amount of money as for generating a sale.

The email marketers can do this camping either on a commission basis or hourly basis. While doing commission basis work, the marketers are paid for every sale they can generate. In the hourly contract, they are paid for doing an email campaign for every hour. The email marketers also can earn money by designing email templates or collecting email address for their clients. There is a huge demand of email template designer and the email address collectors in the job market.

Some marketers do not have any idea of what is email marketing and how does it work. Still, they do email marketing. But without knowing the proper ways they can not achieve success. Now we shall know how email marketing actually works? The email marketing has three major steps as follows –

1) Designing a Template and Drafting the Letter

At first, you have to write your letter or email and create a template for your email. What should you write in the letter? Yes, this crucial point of an email letter. You should keep in mind that you are not dealing the buyers physically. You are just sending information to them. So when you are drafting your letter you have to mention the key qualities of your product or service. Make it clear to the buyers that why they should buy from you. Moreover, your language should be simple and you should present your statement in such way that the readers feel the interest to go through it. If you can’t hold the attention of your targeted buyers they will just send your email from inbox to trash.

The design of your email template should be attractive and responsive also. A large number of internet users are now checking their emails on mobile phones and tabs. So if your design is not responsive you must lose huge potential clients.

2) Collecting Email Address of Your Targeted Customers

When your email and template are ready now you have to select where to send them. That means you need a bulk email list through which you can reach your client. Try to collect as many email address as you can. The more your email list is rich the more you can sell your products or service. Now the question is how to collect emails of your clients. Here are few tips that you can follow.

You can collect email address from your blog subscribers.
You can arrange any contest for the readers and collect their email address.
In your blog make an option to drop the emails for the readers who want to get new post alert or news letter from you.
Create a signup form for the readers to get news letter and latest offer from the different organization. Send the link to the signup form through social media like Twitter.

So these are some common methods to collect email address.

3) Email Delivery

This is the third and final step of our topic on what is email marketing and how does it work. Now you have to send the emails. The normal email service like Gmail, Yahoo mail, hot mail that we use generally does not allow you to send a large volume of email in a single day. But when you are going to do email marketing you have to send thousands of email in a couple of hours. To send this type of email you need an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. If you want to be a professional email marketer you have to buy your own SMTP server. There are some sites that offer free email service, but they have some restrictions also. It will be best to buy your own SMTP server to continue your work without any hazard. You can have your SMTP server in different ways.Hiring space from any company can serve your purpose or you can do it with your own computer. You can download any email blasting software to do your work. Constant Contact, MailChimp, ExactTarget, Emma Mail, AWeber, InfusionSoft are some service that you can start with.

That is all about what is email marketing and how does it work. The beginners will get some basic idea about the system. But before starting work you must have a clear knowledge about anti spamming laws. You should do email marketing without bothering your customers.

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